Resources for Immigration Court

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Attending an immigration court hearing can be stressful, especially without an attorney. It is important to not miss important deadlines or information about your hearing. We have compiled a list of resources and information to assist you.

Important: U.S. law requires asylum applications to be filed within one year of entry into the United States, with some limited exceptions. But a recent court case called Mendez Rojas gives some people until April 22, 2022 to file their first asylum application or to refile or update an application that was filed after the one year period. Click here for more information about about Mendez-Rojas.

Confirm Your Court Date and Time

Use the EOIR case status website or hotline (1-800-898-7180) to confirm your court date and time. Be prepared to enter your A Number.

If you or someone you know primarily communicates in a Mayan language (Mam, K’iche’, Q’anjob’al, or Q’eqchi’), follow this link for information on checking your case status in those languages.

Update Your Address with the Immigration Court

If you recently moved to Virginia, you must update your address with the immigration court. Click here for instructions on how to update your address with the court. We also have a page on our blog for more information about updating your address with the court. Click here for more information.

You may also need to change your court hearings from another court if you moved to Virginia from another state. Click here for more information on pro se motions to change venue.

Information About Arlington Immigration Court

If you live in Virginia, your court date will likely be scheduled to take place at Arlington Immigration Court. Follow this link for information about Arlington Immigration Court.

Get Directions to the Court

The Arlington Immigration Court serves all of Virginia, but can be a long drive depending on where you live. Confirm that you know how to reach the court. Find directions here.

COVID-19 Closures and Information

COVID-19 has impacted immigration courts. Some hearings have been cancelled or postponed. Check this link for more information about closures and cancellations.

This information only applies to the Immigration Courts. This information may be different than other immigration appointments or notices, including interviews with USCIS and ICE check-ins.