Resources for Asylum Cases Without a Lawyer

The Immigration Clinic recognizes the need for reliable information about how to apply for asylum, even if you aren’t able to find an attorney to represent you.

The following information is meant to assist you in filling out your application if you are unable to obtain counsel. This information is not legal advice regarding your case, and use of these resources does not mean that the Clinic is representing you in your case.

U.S. law requires asylum applications to be filed within one year of entry into the United States, with some limited exceptions. But a recent court case called Mendez Rojas gives some people until April 22, 2022 to file their first asylum application or to refile or update an application that was filed after the one year period. Click here for more information about about Mendez-Rojas.

Resources for Your Asylum Case

Form I-589

Form I-589 is the form used to apply for asylum, whether or not you are in removal proceedings.

How to Fill Out the Form I-589

This section includes links to several manuals published to help those who are filing asylum applications without the assistance of an attorney.

Filing an Asylum Application

After completing your asylum application, it is critical that you submit your form to the correct office. This link will provide more information about how to submit your asylum application to USCIS or to the Immigration Court.

Gathering Evidence

After filing your asylum application, you may need to gather other evidence to prepare for your interview or your hearing. This page will list resources of what to expect next.

Resources for an Asylum Interview

After filing your application, your next step may be an interview. Click here for more information on what to expect at your interview.

Resources for Immigration Court

After filing your application, your next step may be a hearing in immigration court. These resources will help you know what to expect in immigration court.