Clinic Director Speaks at “One Book, One Community” Event

Immigration Clinic Director Stacy Kern-Scheerer presents at the Williamsburg Regional Library (Spring 2023). Photo by: David Morrill

On Wednesday, Immigration Clinic Director Stacy Kern-Scheerer presented as part of the Williamsburg Regional Library’s One Book, One Community program. Kern-Scheerer’s presentation kicked off the year’s events by putting the events of the program’s book in the greater context of current immigration law and policy. Kern-Scheerer began her presentation by explaining the work of the Immigration Clinic and describing the challenges that Clinic clients face. She then discussed the complexities of seeking permanent status in America, as well as the current legal controversies surrounding the DACA program.

“The ‘One Book, One Community’ event was a wonderful opportunity to share the work of the Clinic with an engaged and excited audience,” said Kern-Scheerer. “Books like ‘The New American’ help many people put a face to the greater policy debates happening in our country. Events like last night show people how these larger policy debates impact people right here in Williamsburg.”

In its fourth year, the One Book, One Community Program is a project that seeks to “bring together the community while studying one socially relevant book.” This year’s selected book is “The New American” by Micheline Aharonian Marcom. Described as “powerful” and “heartbreaking” by Publishers Weekly, “The New American” follows the story of “a compassionate story of one young man who risks so much to return home.” Check out the Williamsburg Regional Library’s website for a complete list of One Book, One Community events.