Clinic Director Presents at World Refugee Day Event

Immigration Clinic Director Stacy Kern-Scheerer presents at Commonwealth Catholic Charities’ World Refugee Day event (June 2022)

On Saturday, Immigration Clinic Director Stacy Kern-Scheerer presented at a World Refugee Day celebration hosted by Commonwealth Catholic Charities in Newport News. The event, which resulted in a spectacular turnout, was a chance to enjoy food and community, while also providing valuable information and services. Eastern Virginia Medical School was on site providing health screenings, and CCC staff and Director Kern-Scheerer hosted information sessions. Director Kern-Scheerer’s session focused on immigration options for resettled Afghans, particularly asylum and Special Immigrant Visas. Community members had the opportunity to ask questions about asylum and Special Immigrant Visa processes. 

“The World Refugee Day event at CCC was such a success,” said Director Kern-Scheerer. “It was inspiring to see so many families taking part in the celebration and I was delighted to represent our Immigration Clinic and speak directly to so many families. Ensuring access to accurate information on the asylum process is critical, as seeking asylum is a daunting and complicated process that many Afghan individuals and families are unfortunately facing.” 

Since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, hundreds of Afghans have been resettled to the Hampton Roads area. The Clinic is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Commonwealth Catholic Charities to assist our Afghan neighbors. Visit their website to learn more about their work