Immigration Clinic Publishes Impact Report

The Immigration Clinic has published a report on the Clinic’s casework and impact in the two years since it has opened. The report, titled Rising to the Challenge, describes the demographics of the Clinic’s clients, the most common case types, and the community partnerships that the Clinic has built across Hampton Roads. The report also describes ways that community members can help the Clinic, and the Clinic’s funding priorities in order to continue its growth. 

“I knew that when the Clinic launched, there were tremendous challenges ahead: building a Clinic from the ground-up, guiding students in their development as skilled and effective advocates in difficult and high-stakes cases, and navigating a complex, ever-changing, and increasingly adversarial area of law,” said Professor Kern-Scheerer, Director of the Immigration Clinic. “But as I take this time to reflect back on the last two years, what strikes me even more than the challenges is how our Immigration Clinic community—of students, clients, partners, and supports—rose to meet those challenges. I am enormously proud of all the Clinic has accomplished in this short time.” 

You can view and download the report here. You can also visit our new impact page here