Immigration Clinic Director Presents to League of Women Voters

On May 27th, Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer, Director of the William & Mary Law School Immigration Clinic, presented to the League of Women Voters of the Williamsburg Area. Professor Kern-Scheerer’s presentation focused on the structure of the immigration court system and why advocates are pushing for reform. In the last several years, support has grown for immigration courts to be moved from the purview of the Department of Justice to be separate, Article I Immigration Courts, which would limit the Executive Branch’s authority over the courts and restore independence. 

“I was so pleased to have the opportunity to speak with our local LWV, which is such an incredible group of committed and engaged community members,” said Professor Kern-Scheerer. “The questions were insightful and the discussion was enjoyable. The Clinic is grateful for the concerted efforts of League to educate and advocate on issues of pressing concern in our society, including immigration reform.” 

The Immigration Clinic welcomes opportunities to engage with community and student groups on a variety of issue areas in immigration law and policy. If you are interested in having staff from the Immigration Clinic speak at a future event for your organization, please contact us.