Immigration Clinic Presents at Alumni Weekend

On Monday, the Immigration Clinic held an Open House for William & Mary Law School’s Alumni Weekend. Professor and Director Stacy Kern-Scheerer and the Clinic’s Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow Nicole Alanko presented alongside three current Clinic students: Kathryn Maldonado, Dolly Canevari, and Jess Kraus. Presenters discussed the history of the Clinic, the Clinic’s role and partnerships in the community, and the type of work that students do during their time in the Clinic. 

Alumni had the opportunity to ask about student experiences in the Clinic. When asked about the difficulties of immigration practice, students spoke about the importance of working as a team, and the opportunity to speak openly with each other and with their supervisors about secondary and vicarious trauma. Professor Kern-Scheerer also highlighted the importance of community partners in the Clinic’s ongoing growth and success. 

The Clinic is always thankful for the support of alumni. You can also support us by donating to the Shainwald Immigration Law Clinic Fund, or attending at an upcoming event