The Immigration Clinic Prepares for First Asylum Trial

The Immigration Clinic Team with the family’s submission to the Immigration Court.

Students in Immigration Clinic II are preparing for the Clinic’s first asylum trial in just a few weeks. The students are representing a family from Central America who fled horrific violence and persecution and are currently seeking safety and freedom in the United States. Over the last semester, the students have prepared briefs and motions for each family member, as well as collected supporting evidence from the United States and Central America to build the case. In total, the Clinic is submitting nearly 3,000 pages of evidence in support of the family’s case. 

“We’re so proud of what the students in Clinic II have accomplished so far,” said Nicole Alanko, the Clinic’s Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow. “They’ve worked so hard to prepare this family’s case, and we are looking forward to trial.” 

“The students have done incredible work, particularly considering the challenging circumstances that COVID-19 has brought upon us this year,” said Stacy Kern-Scheerer, Director of the Immigration Clinic. “They continue to rise to the occasion, preparing direct testimony and closing argument that they will present at the trial. They’re an amazing team.” 

The trial, known in immigration as an individual hearing, will take place in Arlington. The Clinic students will appear before the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review. 

You can join our efforts to represent more asylum-seeking families at trial. Support us through the Shainwald Immigration Law Clinic Fund.