Prevent Notario Fraud in Our Community

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In these early days of the Biden Administration, there are several proposed changes to immigration law that may make many people in Hampton Roads eligible for immigration status and benefits. This is a hopeful and exciting time for immigrant communities and advocates. 

However, we must remember that – as for now – the proposed changes to provide immigration status to many are just that: proposed. Before submitting any immigration application or petition, it is absolutely crucial to speak with a licensed attorney or BIA-accredited representative who can assist you in your immigration matters. It is also critical to stay informed through reputable news sources about the changes as they develop.   

Unfortunately, there are some in our communities who would take advantage of this time of flux for their own gain. In particular, notarios operate in Virginia and across the country to defraud immigrants who are hopeful for an opportunity to gain lawful status in the United States. They often charge extraordinary fees, are not licensed to practice law, and prey on vulnerable members of immigrant communities with false promises of immigration status and benefit. 

This is a hopeful time for many, but is also a time to be cautious. The Immigration Clinic is monitoring the Executive actions by President Biden and the proposed legislation that the new Administration has sent to Congress. We will be actively evaluating the potential impact of these changes on the immigrants we serve in Hampton Roads.